Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Episode 2 of Real Rookie Running (R3) is here

Here's the second installment of the R3 Podcast. we talk about our new web site, our turkey trot, running with our wives, The Question of the Week and more!
Links Mentioned in the show:
Its a Wonderful Run 5k


  1. I love it guys! Dont be afraif of them hills add em into your diet till its like a weekly food! What your doing is great and given me the inspiration to run again once I heal. Excellent stuff!

  2. Too long. 5 minutes or less for podcasts.

  3. says who Kate Kirk...I kinda like it. Helps us marathoners out on our long runs. Gotta be different than the rest.

  4. Like your show. It's kind of fun to rediscover running through the eyes of Rookie Runners. I've been running so long I forgot how much fun the discovery process was. Keep it up and I will keep listening.
    Don't be intimidated by the marathon, you can do it. If done right, it can be a blast.

  5. Guys, just discovered this awesome show,. Listened to first two episodes while on the elliptical this morning. Great stuff. I love it.

    (@disneyrunner on twitter)